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Using science as his paintbrush, and motion as his medium, TechnoFrolics' founder David Durlach creates three-dimensional science/artworks that inspire fascination, delight and affection in audiences across the world.

Lifelike in their expressiveness, David's artworks animate media ranging from translucent colored fabric to liquid metal and iron dust, offering fluid explorations of motion and emotion.

Pieces range in scale from custom kinetic works for public spaces, corporate lobbies, concert stages and theaters, to elegant, intriguing desktop artworks.

Large-scale artworks include performance sculptures that take "center stage", as well as soothing thematic pieces integrated into the surrounding environment. Pieces may perform pre-programmed movements in silence, be computer-choreographed to music, or created as visual performance instruments playable by visitors and professional performers.

All TechnoFrolics creations may be choreographed to act as performance "art clocks".