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Choreographed Iron Dust Ford LogoKinetic signs, elegant moving banners, interactive video kiosks and logos that dance to music are among the TechnoFrolics' attractions and traffic builders that make your message and products stand out from the crowd.

Whether in a noisy tradeshow or crowded mall or at special events, our high-tech advertising attractions and displays capture and keep a crowd's attention with their expressive motion, interactivity and inventiveness.

Camassa Dancing BannersYour organization's presence, purpose and products are clearly and vividly communicated in uniquely memorable forms.

TechnoFrolics' works are solidly engineered, scaleable and constructed at various levels of price and sophistication to suit different environments. Options range from simple controls for customer interaction to computer-controlled dance sequences choreographed to music.

We offer "off-the-shelf" traffic builders and attractions, as well as working one-one-one with you to create customized versions of our works to fit specific environments and budgets. Our services range from idea generation to design, prototyping and productions. Displays are available for lease as well as purchase.