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Buttons Often Not Needed!

We generally find that the best user experiences result from the use of simple on screen graphics, such as section identifiers and moving progress indicators, along with the Spin Browser dial as the single exhibit interface.

Graphics can easily and engagingly provide context/current location information. The ability to spin in seconds from start to end of the entire content makes button selectors unnecessary. (And, in fact, we've found buttons can often confuse, rather than clarify, exhibit use.)

Here are a few examples of progress bar designs.

When Buttons Make Sense

Buttons (and/or other additional interface elements) are best used to integrate capabilities not achievable with the dial alone. One example is this split screen exhibit at the New York Hall of Science, in which visitors use button selectors to pair up content of their choice in order to explore and compare motion patterns in two side-by-side videos.

Implementing Button Functionality

When appropriate, the FrameGlide environment can readily be configured to support a combination of button-triggered functions and Spin Browser content perusal.

For button reading and button-led-illuminating hardware, we currently recommend the 1018_2 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8.