Kirby Science Discovery Center high speed capture Spin Browser video explorer


(Last updated 2/25/09.)

Post-fabrication comments by designer JKA re future installations (edited/annotated by TF)

The high walls shown in the final version are different than as originally designed and seem potentially too high. The bounding walls should be just high enough to fill the exhibit camera view.

The camera mount may also be a bit high in the installed version because of the lights being mounted below the camera. We recommend mounting the lights on either side of the camera, with none along the back wall facing the user.

We think having an additional lighting fixture or two would be prudent.

For aesthetic reasons, we encourage designs other than exposed tapped holes in the acrylic camera cover.

We recommend assembling the core of the system, and then testing camera and lighting placement in operation before finalizing the location of those items.


Photos post-installation

(Post 1)


(Post 2)


(Post 3)


Photos pre-installation

(Pre 1)


(Pre 2)


(Pre 3)


(Pre 4)


(Pre 5)


(Pre 6)


(Pre 7)


(Pre 8)