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Live capture FrameGlide / Spin Browser exhibits enable visitors to explore wide ranging phenomena (including themselves!) in real time. The camera types, and other input sources, currently supported by the FrameGlide / Spin Browser system include:

Camera connection methods range from analog NTSC, to Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), to ultra-fast Camera Link. We are also available to integrate to new camera types upon request.

Supported Protocols/APIs

For those who want to use a particular camera, please note that our FrameGlide software currently supports the following protocols/APIs:

Cameras We've Used So Far

Note that all cameras below write directly to computer RAM (as opposed to onboard camera RAM), and thus image data is immediately available for user review.


High Speed


Again, should your desired camera not be listed above, we are always available to perform custom integration.

Typical recommended 1600 x 1200 timelapse and 1024 x 768 @30fps cameras, with lens, are in the $1000 range. For high-speed cameras: 640 x 480 @250fps, with lens, are in the $2200 range, and 1280x1024 @500fps, with lens and capture card, are in the $11,000 range.