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Past productions encompass a wide range of subject matter, complexity, and cost. A few examples are provided here. For more, please see the FrameGlide | Spin Browser Galleries.

Nature / Physics / People

Singapore Science Centre (video duration 20 minutes): Diverse science and nature content including high speed droplet formation, animal locomotion, mountain fly-overs, cloud formation, and timelapse plant growth.

Content produced by TechnoFrolics from its stock library and custom filming.

Point-of-View Journey

Connecticut Science Center (video duration 7 hours): HD point-of-view journey, filmed out a helicopter flying down the CT River all the way from Canada to Hartford CT.

Content produced by Boston Productions.

Custom Production

Bose ElectroForce Systems Group (video duration 37 minutes): Promotional/educational piece used by Bose ESG within their tradeshow booth and at press events.

Content produced by TechnoFrolics, using as raw source the Bose ESG website, in combination with dozens of raw stills and videos provided by the client. The final production included original TechnoFrolics-created animated simulations, as well as compositions of existing content.