TechnoFrolics Spin Browser dial extension wiring information

(Last updated 6/15/10. Click any photo below for more info.)

Note that quadrature A and B channel wiring cannot be mixed on single twisted pair.

Illustration of the pinouts for the RJ12 connector,
identifying A and B quadrature channels vs. pin number.

AD4 pinouts


To field-extend dial pigtail, using Cat 5/5E/6 cable:
(It is not recommended that such extensions exceed approximately 20ft without additional PC4-H5 line driver hardware as shown here.)

  1. Cut existing dial cable. (Note that such cutting is for last-minute field extensions. It is not the preferred choice given sufficient up-front discussion and lead time.)
  2. Splice in Cat5/5E/6 extension wiring matching colors as per the below:
    1. CA-FC5-SH-NC: Black/GND == Cat 5/5E/6 cable Solid Orange.
    2. CA-FC5-SH-NC: Green/Index == Cat 5/5E/6 cable White/Blue.
    3. CA-FC5-SH-NC: White/A == Cat 5/5E/6 cable White/Orange.
    4. CA-FC5-SH-NC: Red/+5VDC == Cat 5/5E/6 cable Solid Green
    5. CA-FC5-SH-NC: Brown/B == Cat 5/5E/6 cable White/Green.


Cat5/5E/6 cable wire color coding and pairing.